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Research Area


Paulo Freitas Principal Investigator, President Magnetics,  Biosensors and  Biomedical Applications pfreitas

Virginia Chu Principal Investigator,      Director Thin Film MEMS,   Biosensors and Biomedical Applications vchu

Self Portrait

José Luís Martins Principal Investigator    Materials Simulations

João Pedro Conde Principal Investigator. Director Thin Film MEMS,   Biosensors and Biomedical Applications

Susana Freitas Principal Investigator Tunnel junctions for MRAM, ion beam deposition scardoso

Luis Melo Principal Investigator Scanning probe microscopy

Diana Leitão Post-Doctoral fellow MR Nanosensors for detection of ultra-low magnetic fields dleitao

Carlos Reis Post-doctoral fellow

Novel methods for speed-up of first-principles pseudopotential plane


Rui Pinto Post-Doctoral fellow (jointly with CQFM) Photophysics and electronic properties of organic interfaces rpinto

Narayanan Srinivasan Post-Doctoral fellow (Marie Curie ITN -PROSENSE) Microfluidic immunoassays for the detection of Prostate Cancer biomarkers nsrinivasan

Maria Jose Lopez-Martinez Post-Doctoral fellow (FP7 project NANODEM) Microfluidic modules for magnetic trapping

José Pedro Amaral Post-Doctoral fellow (FP7 project Magnetrodes) Measurements of synaptic currents based on MR sensors jamaral

Ricardo Ferreira Collaborator (INL) Ultra-fast switching of magnetic nanostructures rferreira

Sofia Martins Collaborator (Magnomics) Cell chips for drug screening

Filipe Cardoso Collaborator (Magnomics) Magnetoresistive sensors for biochip applications

Helena Alves Collaborator (CICECO) Organic electronics halves

Ana Isabel Neves Collaborator (U. Exeter) Graphene electronics aneves

Ana Silva PhD student Phase locked oscillators based on low resistance MgO tunnel junction nanodevices asilva

João Tiago Fernandes PhD student       (jointly with IMM-CMNU) Microfluidics culture platforms for neuralscience jfernandes

João Mouro PhD student Thin film silicon NEMS jmouro

Tomás Dias PhD student      (jointly with IBB/BERG) MR chip for cancer detection based on cell-free DNA tdias

Hua Lv PhD student Nanodevices for spintronics hlv

Daniel Silva PhD student        (jointly with IBB/BERG) Integrated Microfluidic system for purification of antibodies dsilva

Tiago Monteiro PhD student (jointly with U. Minho) Integrated biosensors

Anastasiia Moskaltsova PhD student (Marie Curie ITN - Spinicur) Magnetoresistive materials optimization  amoskaltsova

Simon Knudde PhD student (Marie Curie ITN - Spinicur) MTJ sensors by Ion beam deposition for industrial applications sknudde

Ruben Soares PhD student (jointly with IBB/BERG) Microfluidic toxin chips rsoares

Carla Margarida Duarte PhD Student (jointly with FMV-UL) Portable lab-on-chip platform for bovine mastitis diagnosis in raw milk cduarte

Denis Santos PhD student (MIT-Portugal programme) Lab on Chip imaging systems dsantos

Raju Kumar PhD student (IST - Erasmus Mundus)

Surface scanner for nanoparticle detection


João Valadeiro PhD student

Magnetoresisitive sensors with pico-Tesla sensitivities

Miguel Neto PhD student  (MIT-Portugal programme) MR sensors for advanced electronics mneto

Fernando Franco PhD student Magnetic scanners with magnetoresisitive sensors

Tiago Pestana Master's student (IST) Piezoresistive MEMS sensors tag.pestana_at_gmail

Ana Rita Soares Master's student (with FCUL) Integrated microfluidics for citometry based on MR sensors asoares

Joana Santos Master's student (IST) Biochip integration in monolithic architectures with CMOS on 150 mm wafers joanadsan_at_gmail

Ricardo Varela Master's student (IST) High sensitivity MR sensors for ultralow field detection

Andreia Barroso Master's student (IST) Magnetoresistive-based platforms with microfluidics for particle manipulation and detection

Hanna Müller-Landau Visiting Master's student (Univ. of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern) Microfluidic platforms for detection of Prostate Cancer biomarkers

Bernardo Pires Master's student (IST) Optimized nanofabrication of sub-10nm MTJ devices

Gabriel Farinha Master's student (IST) Optimized MR sensors for industrial applications

Sara Cardoso

Master's student (IST- jointly with Dep.Civil Eng)

Urease Quantification Biosensor to Monitor Biocementation Processes in Soils

Gonçalo Forjaz Mestrado (jointly with IBB) Microreactors for bioprocessing

Eduardo Bras Mestrado (jointly with IBB) Microreactor optimization

Joana Chim Mestrado (jointly with Biosurfit) Capillary microfluidics

Rita Antunes Mestrado (jointly with Biosurfit) Amplification strategies for optical LoC

Catarina Caneira Mestrado (jointly with IMM) Biosensors for microRNAs

Fábio Andrade Mestrado (jointly with IMM) Microprobes for in-vitro brain stimulation/detection

Catarina Pedrosa Research Fellow (Bolsa) Single cell optical detection in microfluidic structures for Parkinson's disease studies

Rui M.R. Pinto Research fellow (Bolsa)  MEMS based on hybrid Nanocrystalline diamond / CNT material

Wilson Gouveia Research fellow (Bolsa) Organic transistors

Marilia Silva Research Intern High sensitivity MR sensors incorporated in silicon needles for magnetic detection of neuronal response

Luguang He Visiting Researcher (Sinomags, China) Magnetic sensors

Oleksandr Korsun Visiting Researcher (NTUU, Ukraine) Nano-MR sensors for advanced AFM

José Bernardo Process Engineer lithography and planarization jbernardo

Virginia Soares Process Engineer plasma etching and SEM vsoares

Fernando Silva Process Engineer CVD and PVD deposition fsilva

Natércia Correia Administrative assistant    ncorreia

Sandra Baptista Administrative  assistant   sbaptista

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